Book Review: “Sam Feels Better Now”

Posted on Sep 18 2008 - 1:15am by Christine
Sam Feels Better Now by Jill Osborne (book cover)

I picked up a copy of a great little book called “Sam Feels Better Now” written by author Jill Osborne (who’s blog can be found here!). I wanted to read it because it sounded like it could be used not only in a professional “counsiling” setting; but also could potentially be used by military families, the Chaplain and base psychologists when they are dealing with families where children have to deal with a parents deployment or military travel. I have to say I was not disappointed. This book could be used in any situation where a child has experienced some sort of trauma. Trauma for a child could be as simple as having a deployed parent and watching the news at night – this can be so scary for a child and they might not be able to express what they are scared of. Their fear could lead to other issues such as anxiety and nightmares.

I loved how simple this book was; it was a sweet picture book that had a short story about Sam and his “trauma” (a “trauma” that they never went into details about leaving it completely open-ended). Sam meets with a child psychologist and she helps him work out his fears using such tools as talking and drawing pictures. There are spaces in the book where your child can draw a picture of what he/she is afraid of and there are also questions you can ask them to begin some conversation.

I recommend the book to anyone dealing with children and scary situations. I’m going to tell my husband’s command Chaplain about this book also; I think it’s an excellent resource.

You can find your own copy at along with other reviews and a synopsis. More reviews can be found at Parent Reviewers.

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