Get Into Cooking Mode

6a00d8348f5cec53ef010536bfb6e8970c-320wi Hopefully this helps me (and you too) get into the swing of cooking! I’ve been so not into eating much less cooking during the past few weeks (which is why I’ve only gained 4lbs this pregnancy and I’m just shy of 30 weeks). We’ve been going out to dinner a LOT and one of my main goals this week is to get my coupon book back in action and start meal planning and actually COOKING!

If anyone has any “quick” and pregnancy-friendly meals that they would like to share please leave a comment!

But – for now let’s just think on the fact that when the weather starts getting cooler and school begins again people tend to cook a little more at home. I personally love the smell of my Mama’s chilli cooking in my crockpot! Plus, the kids need nutritious items to take with them to school. The family spends less time together during the day so evening meals are even more important. When the weather is cooler I just enjoy cooking more. If it’s like this for you too here are some coupons to help you into cooking mode.

Save up to $30.70 on Betty Crocker products

Campbell’s coupons

Nestle coupons

Pillsbury coupons

Kellogg’s coupons

Got any coupon sites to share? I’d love to hear them! Also – be sure to check out my Meal Planning category for some recipes and meal plans.