Simplifying Your Beauty Routine with mark. Makeup

Thanks to my friend (and fellow Military wife) Chelsea of Diamonds, Dogtags & Diapers I was able to try out this awesome cosmetics line from mark.

mark. is an expertly edited beauty & fashion boutique that is constantly launching fresh, on-trend products. Inspired by the hottest runway looks of the season, mark. offers young women must-have, cutting edge trends before they even hit shelves. If you live for the rush of a great find, meet mark.

mark. is part of the Avon company – so you can be sure that the products are awesome. The mark. line is just geared towards more fashion conscience chicks … now I’m not saying Avon isn’t – I’m just saying when I think of Avon I tend to think of my Mom or Grandma. I find I like the colors and accessories in the mark. catalogue more than I like the Avon stuff.

I was sent the following items for review:

  • Lash All you Want mascara — adds 20 times the volume to lashes! Unique brush has bristles at the tip to get at the tiniest lashes.
  • Get in Line waterproof liquid eyeliner (from the Hook Ups line) — waterproof liquid liner – which lasts up to 10 hours. The shades glide on smoothly, creating a super-precise line.
  • Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in “Blow Kisses” (also from the Hook Ups line) — glistening shine, sheer color and minty freshness all in one. Lips stay  and moisturized, with a slick and sexy finish.

The two products in the Hook Up line connect together with a hookupconnector (a little black plastic thing). Hookups are mark.s iconic product, with over 7,500 options, these are perfect to have in your purse or pocket. Choose from eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, skincare and perfume.

First of all – let me go on record saying I’m not the biggest fan of liquid eyeliner. I’m always smudging it and I can never draw a straight line. That said – I loved this eyeliner! The ‘brush’ part is super soft and long – so it’s easy to draw a nice, straight line. It goes on really well and even though it is still liquid and doesn’t dry super fast I still like it. I speed up the drying process by blow drying my face with my hair dryer (on the cool setting). Strange – but it works.

Before I “dry my face” though – I use the Lash All you Want mascara! The bristles are long and the mascara is a little thick. So, it makes my lashes look awesome! No need for false lashes here people!

Since both the mascara and the liner are waterproof my eyes look awesome all day long! One day I even took a nap in my makeup and my eyes still looked perfect afterwards – I kid you not! I don’t think I’ve ever had makeup last through an impromptu nap!

Before I received the makeup from mark I was looking for an ‘everyday’ lip color. I have an awesome pinup girl red color; but it’s just not an ‘everyday’ type of color, you know? The mark lip gloss is also a red – but it’s a little more muted and has a pretty shine to it. It quickly became my everyday color! I do have to do touch-ups every so often – but it’s totally ok.

My ‘beauty routine’ (including hair and makeup) takes me about 15 minutes in the morning (if that!)  If I am just throwing my hair up in a ponytail it takes about 5 minutes! Any Mom can handle that (I have an 18 month old!)

Wanna try some of this awesome makeup line from mark. yourself? You know you do!

Winner gets one of each of the items I reviewed!

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  1. This giveaway is awesome! Would love to win!

    • Oh! Didn’t even see I could get an entry! My normal beauty routine is to wear some mineral powder, and add some pop to the lips. Usually, I use clear mascara to get perfect lashes without looking like I’m trying hard.

  2. Honestly, not much. I clean my face every morning and night. Sometimes I put on concealer, but not all the time. Been using lip gloss a lot recently.

    • Christine says:

      LOVE lip gloss! It’s one of those things that can be dressed up or down – the color I’m using lately I wear to work everyday.

  3. My beauty routine consists of; first washing my face with cleanser, then applying moisturizer, and lastly, applying make-up.

    • Christine says:

      My aunt – who is 70 now – looks really young still! She always told me her ‘beauty secret’ was moisturizer!