Finding My Niche

According to MilSpouse Bloggers: “You can’t be everything to everyone – and that’s ok!” – I’ve been guilty of this. I have this weird ‘hero’ complex (much like my husband) and I just really enjoy helping people. But sometimes I lose track and go wayyyyyyyy off tangent and end up not providing any helpful information at all!

When I began this blog a few years ago it didn’t have a ‘target’ … It was just a typical “Mommy Blog” and I knew it needed to be more. Sure, I’ve shared tips, information and thoughts but so do SO many other blogs.

As a military wife I can tell you that military wives fall into a category all their own. We’re certainly not better than other women – but we certainly lead different lives than your ‘average’ one! Military life has it’s own ups and downs – and as this blog aged and changed it turned into more of a “Military Mommy Blog.”

I’m still trying to find my niche though. So, I’m going to be looking for topics to blog about. I want to be able to share my experiences as a military wife and also share my children’s experiences (well, the seven year old – the two year old doesn’t say much about it all yet, lol.)

So, if there is something you want to ask – something you are DYING to know about military life – or even something about a specific duty station; go ahead and ASK! There is a network of military wives – so if I don’t *personally* have an answer for you – someone does!