Planning Peanut Free Lunches

pizza dough bitesRecently, my sons’ elementary school decided that they were switching to completely “peanut free” due to allergies of students. To be perfectly honest – I was pretty pissed. Peanut butter and jelly is a lunch STAPLE (at least in our house) for two important reasons: it’s CHEAP and it’s EASY!

So, a week in and I’m running out of ideas. We had a couple days worth of cold chicken nuggets and a couple days of tuna and crackers. Then we had a couple days of Lunchables.

We are talking roughly $2.50+ per lunch when I do the pre-made lunch packs. I don’t make him buy lunch from the school because – in Hawaii – they serve a lot of “Asian-inspired” meals which he doesn’t particularly dig. Basically, he doesn’t like rice – which comes with EVERYTHING unless it’s rice-in-sushi (just “California” rolls) or my homemade fried rice (which tastes like ass when it’s cold).

I need IDEAS! So, I’m doing what every good Mama does – I’m hitting up Google and Pinterest!

Here are some neat links I’ve found thus far – I’ll be sure to be sharing more!