What to Wear to the Navy Khaki Ball

The US Navy Khaki Ball happens within a couple weeks of the Chief Pinning (which is typically mid-September). It’s a dinner and “dance” that is more of a semi-formal event (unlike the Navy Birthday Ball which is usually formal). The active duty members wear their khaki uniforms, so you as their “spouse” would dress according to that (typically).

I keep saying “typically” because some things are done differently at different duty stations. I don’t even recall there being a Khaki Ball at one of the places my husband was stationed. Last year (2012) here in Pearl Harbor the Khaki Ball was mid-September.

I wore a “little black dress” that I think was very 40’s style. Some of the ladies dressed up more than me (some wore floor-length gowns) and some a little less dressed up (more “business” attire). So really, it’s totally up to you. Just keep in mind, if you totally out-dress your husband (or wife!) you are going to look like a jerk and people will talk about you. Seriously.

I’m planning on ordering a dress from an online retailer this year because LAST year there were a few ladies at our Ball with the same dress, all bought on-island! I’m looking for something flattering, but a little funky – yet still classy! Tough order!

I’ve been on Pinterest looking for dresses, as well as the websites of some of my favorite stores. I’d love to hear your favorite stores to shop for dresses!

Congratulations to all the new Chief-Selects and their Spouses!